TrafficGlobal and Kai Tak

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TrafficGlobal and Kai Tak

Post by svenks » Sun Feb 27, 2022 2:16 pm

Hi all
I recently bought Kai Tak, but I haven't really had a chance to do much with it until now.
I would like to have AI traffic coming into Kai Tak, but as I use TrafficGlobal (for better or for worse), I struggle a bit getting it right.
I'm using P3D v5.3
I have followed the instructions in another thread titled:
"AI Traffic for FlyTampa KaiTak by modifying the original Traffic_WoA_VHHX_Special.bgl" (sorry, but I'm not allowed to post a link).

However I fail to do this:
Last go into your scenery.cfg and drop TrafficGlobal down to a position somewhere above 1107 base, but below your sceneries.
In the Scenery Library, I can't move TrafficGlobal. The entry is grayed (along with several others) and so it cannot be moved. And if I open scenery.cfg in Programdata, I can't see an entry for TrafficGlobal at all....
TrafficGlobal is in prio 84, near base 1107 but still above EURWE, EURE, AUST, ASIA and AFRI.

What am I missing here?

Sven Sorensen, EKCH
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