Las Vegas 1.1 Elevation [XP11]

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Las Vegas 1.1 Elevation [XP11]

Post by lerloare » Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:55 pm

Good evening,

I've been a long-time user of almost all FlyTampa sceneries for P3D. I recently switched over to XP11 and tonight bought the FlyTampa version of Las Vegas for XP11 since the P3D one is absolutely amazing. I read in the product description that it has sloped airport terrain and that was the main reason I wanted to try it in XP11 - sloped runways at KLAS are a huge factor (e.g. 26R starts at 2033' and goes all the way up to 2181' at the end) and I was bored of everything being flat in P3D. So I downloaded and installed the scenery and in my sim all airport surfaces are flat at 2188'. There is no slope anywhere. I followed the manual and then I tried multiple scenery_packs.ini orders and configurations and I wasn't able to make it work. Am I missing something? Any advice to make taxiways and runways properly sloped as advertised in the product description?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Las Vegas 1.1 Elevation [XP11]

Post by Mousehold » Wed Jun 02, 2021 11:06 pm

I second this. FlyTampa claims "Sloped airport terrain (XPlane and MSFS)" is a feature of their Las Vegas addon, but my airport in X-Plane 11 is completely flat. Without FlyTampa scenery installed, KLAS has proper runway elevations.

Additionally, the addon removes North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) completely!

Is there any resolution for these issues in X-Plane 11?

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Re: Las Vegas 1.1 Elevation [XP11]

Post by S3rg1o » Thu Aug 26, 2021 2:59 pm

I would add the complete misslignment of taxiway and runway lighting. i've seen the last update for MSFS where they fix/added custom taxiway lighting.
I would like to ask the devs if they planned to "abandon" Flytampa Las Vegas for X-Plane?
I asked on another post about the Alliegent stadium and Resorts World, landmarks on a future update, with no reply whatsoever... but sloped runways, and custom taxiway lighting as in MSFS version, are urgently needed, and it's a shame if we don't get those fixes on a future update... for 32,00 USD, I think, we X-Plane costumers, deserve a little more consideration...
Thank you
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