My feedback for KLAS on MSFS

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My feedback for KLAS on MSFS

Post by sailor29 » Sun Dec 13, 2020 8:52 pm

Hi guys,

I bought LAS scenery, beautifful ! but my framerate is very very bad.

My configuration : Asus 3080 RTX, AMD 5800X, 32 GB ram, i play in 4K RES ultra with some stuff disabled like motion blur. I thinks it is a descent configuration.

I have installed the hotfix, not crash for me... But i get 11 FPS in 4k, 14 in 1440p on the runway with a320.

If i remove the city, i get 35 FPS. If i remove airport but i keep city, i get 30 FPS. so, for the time i play without city. However On airport, when aircraft is close to terminal, i get 20 FPS...

I see interior of terminals are modeled, that very impressive ! But, i think we can save many FPS without these non essential things. At Worts, Asobo provide a parralax effect for windows, it produces the same effect without lods.
Maybe you can offer a option to disable terminal interiors ?

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