KLAS MSFS First Impressions

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KLAS MSFS First Impressions

Post by DMullert » Sun Dec 13, 2020 12:31 pm

Hello Gang!

Fantastic addon and no doubt, it will become stable in the next couple of weeks. A couple of immediate observations:

1. Lots of work still remains to be done in the taxiway naming and sign department. There seem to be a lot of mislabeled Taxiway and runway signs around the airport.
2. Frames are unstable. Lots of jumping between 50's and 40's, down to 15-17 fps and back to 40's. Up and down / Up and down all the time. Stutters also observed during turns.
3. Seems like more optimizations could be done. I think we can do away with fountains and active billboards if this is the culprit.


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