My VHHX AI is screwed up! How do I repopulate VHHX?

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My VHHX AI is screwed up! How do I repopulate VHHX?

Post by flabberjabber » Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:44 pm

I have read several of the threads regarding the AI traffic at Kai Tak.

The problem I have is the default FS9 traffic operates from both runways but none of the PAI or WOAI traffic and I have most of the major airlines installed seem to want to know.

I have decompiled the VHHX traffic bgl and have replaced ,VHHH, with , VHHX,. Do I have to do this with all of the different Airlines or is there a way to cover all of my AI traffic in one go? I have Texrep 2.0 installed and it is an excellent tool, will it cope with a change to all of my traffic bgls. I also added the World AI file for VHHX to the world scenery directory again I only seem to get the default FS9 aircraft operating at Kai Tak.

I have 9 Dragons installed but deselected in Scenery Library, would I be better off removing these files and FT Kai Tak and then reinstalling FT Kai Tak?

As an aside, I have flown helicopters in Hong Kong and was the Deputy SATCO at Sek Kong airfield, the scenery is excellent, I have a lasting memory of an approach into Kai TAk as a pax on a BA747-400 as we turned the corner at the checkerboard I was on the starboard side of the aircraft, I could see right into the flat of a Chinese family who were enjoying a meal whilst watching their TV. I think you have captured the scenery brilliantly, shame about Sek Kong though!


Dave Boreham
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