Legacy Scenery

Just like the Flight Simulator itself and all other computer software, scenery design evolves overtime. Besides eventually becoming outdated with respect to the realism in which they depict their real world "counterparts", scenery Addon-ons for Flight Simulator also become outdated quickly in terms of the technology used to produce them and their visual quality overall. Unlike most other software however, scenery Add-ons often have no immediate successors while the demand due to the scenery's location is still there.

While we always try to produce innovative state-of-the-art Addon-ons that supersede our previous releases, we also wish to make new costumers aware that not all of our products are the same in terms of technology and visual quality. We will therefore be adding the term "Legacy" to our older products. The term "Legacy" indicates that we consider the given product not to be up the standards of our current releases anymore. Costumer support is provided for these products, but they are no longer updated. As far as bringing these legacy products up to par with out latest releases, a complete rework from ground up is required, in which case they will become new releases completely replacing the legacy version.

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