Nice error.... Install of new Toronto messed up (?)

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Nice error.... Install of new Toronto messed up (?)

Post by Senchai » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:39 am


Just wanted to let you know of a weird bug that may happen. I write down all steps i did from last shutodown of my PC yesterday and this moment.

Before downloading the Toronto update i started the Flytampa configurator and set my season to February, turned off a few thing at Toronto bec last flight i had low fps. Dont ask me why i did this when anyway i intended to install the update, i dont know myself but i said i write down all i did and this was one of the things. I did no P3d Start here but a few min later i decided to intall new update.

I downloaded the new Toronto installer and before install i put the folder from Toronto to the garbagebin. Then i went on and started the installer and it went through until the point where it told me my P3d is still running (more on that later). I started up P3D and for my surprise it asked me to turn on ALL of my addons again. The whole addon.cfg was deleted....empty.

I said it told me that my P3D is still running and i saw this topic here many many times. Imo my P3d wasnt running because i did other things after flying yesterday when i turned off P3D and usually it takes like 10 secs to quit all processes related to P3D. I turned off the PC an hour later so its unlikely that it was still running.

Besides this i got this error multiple times in previous installs of Flytampa addons. And in some cases i KNOW for sure that my sim is not running, and still that error popped up. Like others here confirmed too in other posts.

I know about the Win 10 feature to start apps that were active on a PC shutdown on reboot and maybe it was the case, i nearly doubt it though. Still, if this was the case and it was this that lead to the empty addon cfg then maybe you should do a check if the sim is running before the install process? I mean that should be possible, right.

Anyway, i hope i can figure out now how i get this fixed without reinstalling everything... Probably reactivation is enough and i may have a backup in Simstarter somewhere.
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