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Post by Senchai » Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:38 pm

Oh, btw, before some ppl come to the bad idea that i would do trickery like pausemode....

THis is in pause mode (45 -55 fps vc, 60-75 fps outside)



A few tips (i should do this for such ppl but maybe someone else with more open ideas readys this and is thankful for help)

  • - DONT run Chrome when flying.

    - DONT use HDD nowadays.

    - DONT install P3D to the Programs folder

    - Load only the Scenery you need with help of tools like Simstarter, LorbySi addon organizer

    - Free Core 1 from all load besides P3D with help of tools like SimStarter or others

    - DONT use affinity masks on P3D itself if you dont know what your doing, just because you read it somewhere in the internet that it would be a good thing. Its not in 80% of cases.

    - DONT overset your sim because you think you have a highend PC. You dont. There is no highend PC for flightsim yet.

    - DONT think your oversmart and your sim is the one who counts when many others prove you different (same could be said to me of course)

    - CLOSE all apps that you dont need to run

    - add Sim tools and addons to Defender/AV exclusions (yes this is a discussable topic but ive yet to see a system with a virus where the user didnt go to weird pages even if he adds 100 P3D tools to the exclusions)

    - DONT go to weird pages....
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Post by zsolt.monostori » Fri Mar 01, 2019 5:01 pm

- I don't use AI. Absolutely nothing.

- I run P3D on a dedicated SSD.

- It's not in the Programs folder


But again, the whole discussion is pointless. If I had issues everywhere, then sure, I definitely must look into my way of running P3D. Really. But I don't have any issues at all, at any scenery, not even CYYZ which many claim to be a rough one. I have everything on max in the FT Configurator CYYZ pages, everything ticket, on, maxed out. Yet very nice FPS, over 30 regardless of aircraft.

I turned 3D people completely off, snowdrifts completely off, most static models off and all landside traffic off in the KBOS config page, this way my FPS did rise to about 25-28 in the VC of the QW 787 and about 21-25 in that of the FSLabs A319.

My P3D settings are fine. I am happy with them. If I had issues with them in many places, I'd consider changing them, But no I don't have. Only at KBOS. So really, no need to give me a "lecture" as I haven't just started simming, been around since 1996 and I do have a fairly good grasp on how things work.

By lowering a few more settings, tweaking a few more sliders I could also achive 35-40 FPS in the VC at KBOS and over 60 in outside view but I am simply not willing to lower anything for only this scenery.

My brain tells me, if it's only one scenery that won't obey while the other hundred are perfectly fine then I dare to think that there is something wrong with that one and not the other hundred.

But I see no point continuing this. It's obvious that there isn't any intention here to admit the substandard performance of this particular product despite the numerous reports on these very forums.

I'll be more careful the next time I invest in a FlyTampa product.
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Post by remontlax » Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:14 am

I know we drifted a bit, but I think its still useful to discuss what potential settings and effects really hammer performance. I think its good weve identified that this particular type of dust cloud when combined with AA causes an otherwise great performing GPU to struggle hugely.

I think I must have edited it out of my original post as too much information, but I did initially comment on how the 1070s memory controller was showing as being pushed hard, which further reinforced the AA those particular cloud effects = bad. Thankfully, the game doesnt look terrible without AA, but its still a nice to have, just not worth it with those performance sucking clouds.

Note: while I tried settings all the way down to the Low preset, it didnt occur to me initially to turn off AA, as AA is rarely a particularly taxing option in games I play. I do of course only play at 1920x1200 and at 60fps, so the threshold of me noticing an obvious performance hit is a little different to someone who say likes 144hz play.

Regardless, I hope this feedback on performance at certain settings in certain situations is of use, its certainly help the game run MUCH better for me, CPU-heavy situations aside.

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Post by AvalonBic » Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:30 am

There is not errorlog I would assume, the game does not crash or anything, it just has a really low frame rate until i close it, where can I find it?
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