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 martin[flytampa] (Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:23 am)

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yvesamuel wrote:Hi,

Are all the jetways moving, or still the same list as before?


No changes to jetways in this version.
 almostatys (Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:17 am)

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I installed v1.3 but I have strange ground textures. Could you help me? Thank you!
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 martin[flytampa] (Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:55 am)

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almostatys wrote:Hi!

I installed v1.3 but I have strange ground textures. Could you help me? Thank you!

Check that the scenery is added to the Library the correct way. Pasting below from the manual/PDF:

This Addon cannot be added via the traditional Scenery Library.
Instead it must be added to Prepar3D’s “add-ons.cfg”. Normally our
Installer will do this automatically but if it fails to do so you can add it
by using one of the three methods described below. Note that if the
Addon is added using the traditional Scenery Library method, there
will be problems such as ground textures not loading, among other

1. Go to the Prepar3D folder, subfolder /FlyTampa/Airport/ and run
the file labeled “Add-to-P3D.cmd”.

2. Run the following command line within the Prepar3D main
folder, replacing the path at the end according to where you
installed the FlyTampa Addon:
Prepar3D.exe “-Configure: Category=Add-on Package,
Operation=Add, FileLocation=Roaming, c:\Prepar3D

3. Edit the “add-ons.cfg” in Notepad manually by loading the file:
Martin\Prepar3D v4\ add-ons.cfg
Add an entry to this file similar to the following:
PATH=C: \Prepar3D v4\FlyTampa\Airport
 trisho0 (Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:51 am)

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Installed Toronto ver 1.3 into P3Dv4. Later I applied the Patch and the scenery ground was black. I had to reinstall from the full Toronto ver 1.3 again to get it work. I think Patch won't work over the full installer as Toronto and Vienna. Patches work for copied files from FSX. This is what I found so far.
 ywg256 (Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:20 pm)

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martin[flytampa] wrote:
yukonpete wrote:Why is it with Toronto and Sydney if I have LC enabled I get blue patches on the ground? As soon as I disable Flytampa LC its ok? I have the same issue with the previous version.

No idea sorry. Its not something commonly reported so I guess its rare and must have something to do with Settings or another conflicting Addon perhaps.

You can count me in with this issue as well.. didn't notice at first because i was only checking out the airport at ground level...Did a flight from CYOW to CYYZ and blue patches are everywhere. Sorry guys but you have a problem here...The patches are literally everywhere in the GTA. I will not give up hope yet and see if I can somehow get rid of them.