Montreal Installer v1.4 fails to complete P3D3.4

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Montreal Installer v1.4 fails to complete P3D3.4

Post by m88zk » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:20 am


By default the installer has VistaMare selected for installation, which causes the installer to abort due to missing FSX install.

The first time I got the installer abort I ran the uninstaller and then reinstalled again without Vistamare which appears to have completed without further failure messages.

I googled Vistamare and it seems to be a ground traffic/apron vehicle animation library. Since the Vistamare component fails to install in P3Dv3.4, should I expect the animation of apron traffic at CYUL to not work in P3D, or does P3D natively support this?

After further reading of the forums I can see there are quite a few posts regarding Vistamare and the P3Dv4 installer with the recommendation to simply un-tick this option. Also, it looks like there is no alternative support in P3D for ground vehicle animation.

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