How upto date?

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How upto date?

Post by Vsfan1 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:29 am

Good Afternoon.

Just wondering how upto date is this scenery?
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Re: How upto date?

Post by karank » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:34 am


At the moment, version 2.4 is the latest build from FlyTampa so I will only comment on that. Several key areas are missing currently and we're all hoping that FlyTampa has something going on behind closed doors to update this product (even if its a paid upgrade) to its current real world standards. Here's what's missing:

1. Apron G (Currently in scenery: Oil depot)
2. Apron S (Currently in scenery: Missing completely)
3. RWY30R Holding Points (Currently in scenery: Incomplete/missing few intersections)
4. RWY30L Holding Points (Currently in scenery: Incomplete/missing few intersections)
4. Concourse D (Currently in scenery: Cargo Terminal)
5. Apron C Updated (Currently in scenery: Incomplete/needs reworking)
6. ATC Tower UAE Flag on its side (Currently in scenery: No UAE flag present on tower)

These don't include the new taxiways, intersections, metro lines that were resurfaced, constructed, etc so the FlyTampa product, while excellent in all regards, is severely outdated compared to the real world airport. Still, I have faith in them that we will see a new version of this airport soon.

Hope this helped.
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