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 petakas (Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:43 am)

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I update my AIRAC files from NAVIGRAPH and my NAVAIDS & Magnetic Declination (Variation) files from here like many flightsimmers do for FSX/P3D.
This is done in order for latest (real) approach/departure procedure tracks (magenta line) that change with rolling AIRAC cycles to coincide with the expected track to fly over the (simulator) ground.

With the AFCAD file of FlyTampa LGAV remaining as is from the time it was created, right now with the above updates, the runway (ILS) beam magnetic tracks are 033*-213* instead of 034*-214* degrees that they should be. This is also visible in the PMDG 737 MCP ILS track reading whereby the charts and navdata say 034* you preset 034* and on ILS capture it changes to the simulator's scenery actual ILS track of 033* (an automatic feature for the 737NG).

If you zoom in the view at say 10~5nm final approach it is clearly visible when you fly inbound established on any of the four ILSs (03L, 03R, 21L, 21R) that you are coming a bit offset laterally (about 1 degree counterclockwise) to the runways.
As you get closer the lateral difference reduces offcourse.
This difference can also be seen in the ND display of aircraft like PMDG where the magenta line of the (real) ILS track is off by ~1 degree with the (scenery) runway extended centerline (white dashed line).

By checking I see that in (real) Athens LGAV airport area the MagVar value is currently +4° 29'

FlyTampa, are you able to update the AFD file for the nowadays magnetic variation (declination) of LGAV ?
By checking the charts I have from the past I see that in years 2010~2012 the value for LGAV was +3°
 george[flytampa] (Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:57 am)

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Try the attached file.
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 petakas (Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:31 pm)

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OK the above file was for P3Dv4 which I don't have yet.

The one you sent me later - attached here - for P3Dv3 works fine.
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Mag. var. increased from default -2 to -4.5.

NOTE: This update is for users who update their Magnetic Variation (Declination) and Navaids via this site: