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 Roadburner440 (Tue May 17, 2016 3:22 pm)

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Well for the first time in the long time I have had KBUF I decided to land at D77 (Lancaster airport). While on final noticed there was something in the middle of the runway, and when I landed seen it was a taxiway sign. I thought maybe it was the stock airport was so going to edit the BGL and just delete or move the sign, but the stock FSX airport had less buildings than what I saw, so I am guessing it was modified as part of the FlyTampa scenery. Other than that I have had no issues with the scenery at all, and have enjoyed it immensely. D77 is actually up the road from my parents house which is why I figured I'd try to fly there for once, and found the sign. I can take and upload a screenshot if needed. Definitely doesn't seem to be an installation error. Just it was placed in the wrong spot.