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 stewamar (Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:23 am)

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I am the proud owner of FlyTampa VHHX scenery and I am writing the raw ARINC 424 code in the hope of inclusion of this airport in Navigraph AIRAC data.

I am testing my raw data in the FSLabs A320 as the nav data in this third party add-on uses the ARINC data in it's purest form.

I have an issue with old/decommissioned navaids.

I need to use the "TH" VOR to make the procedures historically correct. I can make this appear in the A320 (on the navigation display) but the DME function is not active as the navaid needs to exist in FSX/P3D world as well as the aircraft database.
In my tests so far I have FlyTampa VHHX loaded and functioning but the TH VOR must not be in the FlyTampa BGL. Is this correct?

This leads me to think that the KL and IHK navaids that are required for approach may not be in the BGL as well, although I feel this may not be correct.

Can you please confirm the KL and IHK navaids load when the FlyTampa VHHX scenery loads and how TH might be included for future use if Navigraph accept my raw data for parsing into all their nav data platforms.

Thanks and regards, Martin Stewart YBLT
 stewamar (Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:46 am)

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G'day all, just letting the community know Navigraph has now published VHHX as of the 1712 AIRAC....Happy IGS approach time!!
Regards, Martin