Lots of stuttering when at TNCM, looking towards the island

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Lots of stuttering when at TNCM, looking towards the island

Post by Sethos » Thu May 23, 2019 9:53 am


So I just purchased the complete pack and downloaded it with the universal installer, had it installed and everything was working fine. Then I noticed this significant amount of stuttering / juddering when panning around as the island part got into view. Tried a lot of things, including a new profile that had everything turned off, which seemed to work. I slowly increased all settings to hit my usual levels, until I found the culprit was both Vegetation & Building density slider, increasing it would also increase the stuttering.

Now, logic would be too high settings but; I can pan around something like OrbX's TE Netherlands at Schiphol with these settings and maintain my Vsync / TB / 30Hz - 30FPS. I've flown across the world with these settings and never seen this kind of stuttering. Plus, the island part isn't very densely populated with either autogen or vegetation. My CPU isn't even registering a spike when the stuttering happens, suggesting it would be maxing out. Everything is also being loaded off an SSD.

It suggests to me that something in this scenery is just causing the stuttering, like it's struggling to fetch some geometry, load an item or an object is unoptimized? For the tests I disabled all potentially clashing OrbX products like OpenLC and Vector.

Here's two examples of the difference in smoothness;

Panning around TrueEarth Netherlands at default EHAM; https://streamable.com/650ml
Panning around FT's ENCM, primarily looking at the island as it's the culprit: https://streamable.com/voi9q

Any suggestions what it could be?
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Re: Lots of stuttering when at TNCM, looking towards the island

Post by martin[flytampa] » Fri May 24, 2019 10:19 pm

2 things to try:
Make sure AI-Ships is deactivated in the Config Tool.
Try the same test with our TNCM deactivated/removed form the Library. The parts of the island you're looking at in your test are basically stock scenery.
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