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 mole_man99 (Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:50 am)

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Vienna is a great airport and it's good to see this in constant update from Flytampa. I do have a few suggestions for update 2.10

I am in P3DV4.3

Tower height. I see this was mentioned a few years back, but the viewpoint is still set too high. Customer needs to reset to 108m in ADE, or lower if you want to be inside the tower model.

Advert board flicker. The billboards on the jetways flicker for me. Viewzoom level 1.0 or less. Particularly annoying when scanning around in the tower, but can also be seen on approach. Option to remove them?

Phototerrain too bright. The photo seems too bright, for me at least, when compared to adjoining tiles. I am using Orbx global. Be good to have some reduced brightness versions. I have disabled it.

Mesh at rnwy35. Mentioned on the forum, the mesh makes a messy trench arrangement at the end of rnwy35. I am guessing this is UTX river flattens. Be good to have a second mesh option that stops short of the river there, or excludes it successfully. Disabling the mesh file leaves a bit of an unattractive ski slope. A tailored mesh would look much better.

This just my observations after recent purchase.

Cheers for the scenery