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 snapshot21 (Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:43 am)

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Manny wrote:I did a Binary search and narrowed it down to one or all of these files


Yes, the new files did not solve the has its own problems. They are all dated May 31 2017

General concensus is that 3d Grass in LOWW causes CTDs in v4. Try to disable it in Flytampa Configurator :)
 skymaine (Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:31 pm)

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I have four FT sceneries -- LOWW, KTPA, KMDW, and EHAM. After trying several times to install them into V4, I had no success and when they did appear in V4 the Afcads were a mess. For several weeks, I just gave up and thought I would wait around until a V4 installer was available. I still don't understand why Flightbeam and FSDT could relatively quickly give us V4 installers but FT cannot. It seems to me they are hurting their brand and their image as a top of the line company. But things are as they are and there's not much I can do about it.

Rather than continuing to wait for FT, I decided I would just start over. I deleted all my P3D FT sceneries (I still had them in Steam, but have little interest in flying on Steam if I can avoid it). Last night I tried to reinstall just one scenery to see how a "clean slate" approach might work out. I started with LOWW, my favorite and first FT purchase.

The process went like this: First, I installed the main FT file into V4. That created a FT folder in the sim and also installed the library and configuration tool. Of course, there was just one scenery -- LOWW. I then extracted the patch files into the V4 FT Vienna subfolder. I launched P3D and the scenery was there, but the Afcad was still screwed up.

Part two was correcting the Afcad problem. After doing some searches on my PC I removed the LOWW afcads from V3 and V4. They were old ones located in P3D in the scenery "World" subfolder. I deleted the files. I started up P3D again, went to LOWW, but the afcad was still the wrong one. I remembered that someone here mentioned checking afcads in AI programs. I did a search of My Traffic Professional 6 files until I found an afcad for LOWW. I deleted that one.

When I launched P3D again and went to LOWW, the afcad was finally correct. The gates were the right ones and my AC appeared where it should. I also had plenty of AI and they weren't taxiing on the grass! Very pleased. I will use the same "clean slate" approach for the other sceneries and hope I get similar satisfactory results.